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Advanced Rider Course

Motorcycle Test


The Advanced RiderCourse (ARC) a 1-day course for licensed riders wishing to raise their skills to a higher level utilizing the student’s own street-legal motorcycle practicing techniques that extend beyond basic riding procedures to improve the performance capabilities of riders, particularly related to overall control, cornering, and emergency maneuvers.

  • Participation in this course requires physical stamina, motor coordination, and mental alertness

  • You must possess a valid NY State/Out-of-State driver’s license with Motorcycle Endorsement

    • Verified by RiderCoach prior to participation

  • You must provide a street-legal motorcycle – licensed, registered, inspected, and insured

    • Verified by RiderCoach prior to participation

  • Cost: $160.00 Payable with registration. Pay to order of: Learn 2 Ride, Inc.

  • Location: Course begins at Monroe Community College, 1000 East Henrietta Rd, Rochester, NY 14623, Parking Lot M-1

  • Class size: 12 maximum (6 minimum) or class is postponed until minimum is attained

  • Experience: You should have at least 1,000 miles of diversified street riding before taking this course

  • Required Riding Equipment:

  • Helmet:  DOT approved with face shield or approved safety glasses or goggles.    

  • Gloves:  Leather (preferably) or cotton---no fingerless gloves

  • Jeans:  Denim or other sturdy material—NO HOLES &  NO FLARE-LEG!!

  • Shirt:  Denim jacket or other sturdy material or long sleeved shirt or sweatshirt

  • Boots:  Must cover the ankle and have as flat a heel as possible –NO SNEAKERS

  • Rain Gear:  As appropriate, if necessary

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