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Basic Rider Course 2

experienced rider coaches


The BRC2 - Intermediate RiderCourse is a 1-day Motorcycle Rider Training and NYS DMV Road Test Waiver program for current, permitted riders who have a valid NYS driver’s license, a valid motorcycle permit, and have practice ridden at least 40 hours including at least 10 hours in medium to high volume traffic. 

This Course in also for licensed Riders wishing to refresh, renew and practice their riding skills.


You will use your own street legal motorcycle for this combination online and hands-on Rider Training Program. 


This Course is not available for Junior Operators under 18 years of age.

Successful completion qualifies for NYS DMV Motorcycle Road Test Waiver.

Course Components 

1. ePackage 2 - Online Course Prerequisite: Mandatory before you attend.  You will receive a separate email with a unique eP2 link and instructions approximately 30 days prior to you in person session.  Check your spam and junk folders for the email as well.

2. Hands-on Riding Exercises:  The Riding exercises practice slow speed control, limited space maneuvers, cornering judgement and finesse, stopping quickly - straight line and curves, and swerving to reinforce the skills found essentially absent in incident/crash involved motorcyclists. 

You MUST meet the objectives of riding exercises #1 to continue. (If you cannot, you will be counseled out of this course (no refund) and advised to register and pay for the 2-day BRC-Beginner Course.) At the end of the riding exercises, the riding skill evaluation is conducted. 

Successful completion requirements of the BRC-Intermediate.


  1. Complete eP2 Online Course (included as part of your course tuition) and provide completion certificate

  2. Meet the Objectives of the Riding Exercises

  3. Pass a Skill Evaluation (initial or retest)

More Details​

  • COST: $260 + $11 convenience fee,​

     $271.00 due at time of registration

  • Attendance, participation and achieving the objectives are required throughout the entire program

  • There is no guarantee of successful completion

  • There are no refunds once the course begins

  • YOU MUST meet the objectives of Range Exercise # 1, Overall Evaluation to continue

  • YOU MUST possess a current, valid NYS Driver License.  NO Junior License!!

  • YOU MUST possess a current, valid NYS Motorcycle Permit and have at least 40 hours riding including at least 10 hours in medium to high volume traffic

  • CLASS SIZE: 12 students (Maximum)

  • RIDING LOCATION:  Monroe Community College, 1000 East Henrietta Rd, Rochester NY  14623 Parking Lot M-1 (behind the main buildings)


  • Helmet:  DOT approved with face shield or approved safety glasses or goggles.    

    • Gloves:  Leather (preferably) or cotton---no fingerless gloves

    • Jeans:  Denim or other sturdy material—NO HOLES &  NO FLARE-LEG!!

    • Shirt:  Denim jacket or other sturdy material or long sleeved shirt or sweatshirt

    • Boots:  Must cover the ankle and have as flat a heel as possible –NO SNEAKERS

    • Rain Gear:  As appropriate, if necessary

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